About Us


This home-based church society is where like minded individuals may assemble together to explore, develop and express a personal spiritual philosophy in a free environment and where the human causes and concerns for truth, equal rights, environment and community may be advocated and espoused through nature, communication with the dead through the phenomenon of mediumship, spiritual counseling through mediumship healing through the use of Universal Life Force Energy.



Our Mission is to help and teach others to walk through life using spiritual tools and gifts. So that we are never lost but are explorers on our individual unique paths. We help develop the skills of intuition and healing. We are human being having a human experience.





   Rev. Doyle McPherson, Senior Pastor

He grew up in the small town of DeGraff, Ohio with a religious upbringing within the Brethren church. As he grew older he searched for better connection with Spirit. His thirst for knowledge leads him to a local psychic fair in Dayton, Ohio. At this fair he got a reading from what would be his future wife (Brenda McPherson). Shortly after this meeting he began his training in Reiki with the Ohio Reiki Training Center. He received his Reiki Master/ Teaching Certificate in 2000.  His quest too

k him to Autumn Creek Church where he studied Mediumship, various healing methods, and was a part of the seminary.

He received his ordination in 2006 and became the Associate Pastor at Autumn Creek Church. He became a leader and teacher during this time. With the help of Spirit and the Senior Pastor of Autumn Creek Church he started his next adventure as Senior Pastor of the Temple of Ancient Wisdom.  He mixes humor and common sense into all of his messages.


profile-picBrenda McPherson, Co-Founder

Brenda McPherson is the co-founder, teachers, and coordinator for the Temple of Ancient Wisdom. She maintains the social media and class schedule as well as teaching some of the classes.  She is also a Psychic/Medium, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master Teacher, and a NiKawa Grand Master.

Brenda has read for clients from all over the United States. She was born with empathetic and psychic abilities. She comes from a long line of devout spiritual women and midwives from Mississippi and Tennessee.  She is a lifelong Ohio resident, with a joy for all life has to bring.


She has explored many faiths from Methodist to Wicca. This enables her to have a strong background in matters of faith and spirituality. She believes that each person’s spiritual journey is very personal and special. Brenda has spent the majority of her life listening and helping others, and bringing common sense to the chaos of life.

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