Enjoying the New Moon

Today we enter into a New Moon. This is a great time to finish up old projects, issues, and ideas to make room for new things to come into our lives. The New Moon is also on the astrological sign of Capricorn which means the energies of the earth, stability, becoming grounded, and security combine with the energies of the New Moon to create a time of new stable beginnings.

To help draw this energy into your life you can do a simple New Moon ritual that can help make use of the energy. First you need to fully know what you want to manifest. For example, if you are wanting to attract a soulmate you need to be at a point in your life where you are ready to give and receive love. This means you need to release old love patterns within yourself and from past relationships.

To help focus and bring clarity to your goal you may want to write it down on a piece of paper. Place the paper in front of you during your meditation or normal ritual. Add to the paper a quartz crystal to amplify the desire and a stone of the corresponding request. Here is a chart of my favorites:

Bring Love/ Finding Soulmate

Beryl Heart Centered
Citrine Emotional Balance
Garnet Love
Rose Quartz Unconditional Love
Rhonite Love of Self/Others



Jade Prosperity
Opal Personal Power, Removes Fear
Pyrite Prosperity


Healing (Physical/Emotional)

Alexandrite Healing
Bloodstone Healing of the blood
Fluorite Healing
Malachite Healing
Yellow Jasper Detoxify



Agate (Moss) New Beginnings
Amethyst Spirituality
Aragonite Grounding and Centering
Celestite Clarity
Moonstone Goddess Energy
Shungite Grounding and Protective
Tourmaline Transforming


You can place your stones and paper in a small bag (drawstring or Ziploc). Hold them close to your heart while repeating the following affirmation “I am worthy of (state your request).” Repeat this as many times as you feel is necessary. Then place the bag on your altar or in a safe place until the Full Moon. At the Full Moon take the paper and safely burn it. Between the New and Full Moon devise a plan of action, because somethings need a physical action to cement the process. For example, if you are looking to change jobs a plan of action maybe to update your resume or start becoming aware of job openings. It could also mean applying for a few opportunities. Actions tell the Universe that you are serious on your request.

Use this time of new beginnings to start something wonderful for yourself. Remember we are all Spiritual Beings having a very Human experience.

Spiritual Toolbox: Tarot

Starting out on a spiritual path we learn just the basics when communicating with our Spirit Guides, through prayer and meditation. The further you go down your path more tools are needed to help you along. Tarot can be a great tool to help with better spirit communication.  Because it is easier for Spirit to talk to us in symbols and pictures, it helps us to build a dialogue of understanding.

tarot cards picYou can learn basic tarot information through books or from the internet, but you get more out of it when you have teacher who can help answer your questions. You also have access to the teacher’s vast pool of experience and knowledge with tarot.  When looking to learn I suggest finding a local teacher to help with your understanding and to give you a one-on -one teaching experience.

As you start to introduce the tarot into your spiritual practice, use your intuition more when finding the meaning of the cards. The meanings are not set in stone because Spirit will use even the smallest symbol on a card to give you a message. Start simply with one card readings on a daily basis. This gets you familiar with the deck and increases the connection with your guides.  Use multiple card spreads for specific questions, however limit to not more than 6 cards in a spread. The more cards you add, the more complicated the reading will become. Remember to keep it simple.

As you continue learning and growing along your spiritual path be aware of the questions you are asking. For example, if you are consulting the cards regarding an opportunity for a job, be specific. Maybe ask regarding the how the job will work with your spiritual path or if it would be more financially feasible. Then use what you learned from meditation and the tarot spread, also add in any intuitive feelings or impressions. Put them all together for a more complete answer.


Ritual is important when using tarot, meditation, or any other tool. Creating a ritual can be simple as just lighting an incense stick or as elaborate as calling corners as in Wiccan practices. The importance of the ritual is to tell the Spirit Guides and Teachers that you are ready to communicate. The ritual itself is up to you no way is better than any other, it is a person preference. Just do the same thing every time.


Adding a new tool into you spiritual practice can be difficult at first but with the right teacher and resources it can become a valuable asset as well. Each tool you add strengthens your connection to Spirit and deepens you personal spiritual journey. For we are Spiritual beings having a very human experience.


Who We Are…

2011_06_spiritualdirectionThis home-based church society is where like minded individuals may assemble together to explore, develop and express a personal spiritual philosophy in a free environment and where the human causes and concerns for truth, equal rights, environment and community may be advocated and espoused through nature, communication with the dead through the phenomenon of mediumship, spiritual counseling through mediumship healing through the use of Universal Life Force Energy.



Our Mission is to help and teach others to walk through life using spiritual tools and gifts. So that we are never lost but are explorers on our individual unique paths. We help develop the skills of intuition and healing. We are human being having a human experience.